Spring finally sprung in the last couple of weeks…thank goodness! We posted some new photo’s on the home page to celebrate. 

There are a couple at HED’s Wolcott Hydro facility (from top of dam looking down spillway toward the power house, and one of the west section of the dam), one of the spillway of the dam at Hardwick Lake, and one of the new power transformer that will be installed at Wolcott Substation in the coming weeks (with HED Foreman Brian Forant).

HED is moving forward with efforts on a solar generation project.  Initial planning has identified our property on Billings Road in Hardwick for the location, and the project will have a capacity of 1 Megawatt.  Such an array is expected to generate over 1 million kWh of renewable energy for HED, which represents 3% of our customer’s annual needs.  This project will keep us ahead of the curve on legislation that is presently being developed under H40, which will implement increases in renewable energy source requirements for Vermont utilities through the year 2032.         

If you are out and about you’ll see our crews working on system upgrade projects in accordance with our Integrated Resource Plan this spring.  Voltage conversion projects (to reduce line losses and improve system quality/reliability) are taking place in Hardwick, as well as Greensboro, and we are actively working on system modifications to accommodate a new large commercial facility in East Craftsbury.  Vegetation management efforts are also back in full operation, and we have several areas targeted for system improvements in this regard. 

As always we welcome feedback from our ratepayers, so PLEASE provide any that you might have.  You can give us a call anytime or utilize the form under the “Contact” tab on our website to do so.


Mike Sullivan, General Manager