We have received some feedback from customers sharing concerns about our new web site based electronic billing process. 

The two main concerns are that the system does not provide a confirmation of payment, and that the system does not provide any historical billing/payment information.  We are happy to advise that we implemented the existing electronic process only as an interim solution.  It is lacking these two items as well as others, but is a vast improvement over what HED offered previously.

In 2015 we will be installing a new Customer Information System (CIS) that will resolve these two concerns, and will provide customers with full access to their accounts.  The new system will provide what is called a “customer portal” and you will be able to access 24 months of historical billing/payment information.  Customers will be able to set themselves up for paperless processes, email reminders, auto payment schedules, and will even be provided with a mobile application to utilize on their smart phones.  All of this will be done through a Cloud based application so customers will even be able to store bank account and/or credit card information in full confidence of security.  The services provided will be the same as those people have come to expect from Fortune 500 companies such as VISA, and AT&T.

We look forward to implementing these changes, and move into the future with a focus on continuous improvement in the services we provide our customers.