Hardwick Electric Department (HED) officially reached the legislative cap of 15% for net metering installations in our service area

several weeks ago.  As a result HED is no longer accepting new net metering projects.  As previously communicated, we fully expect changes from the legislature in regard to net metering in the first quarter of 2017.  These will determine where and how net metering will go in the future for Vermont.  This all being said, HED is still evaluating whether or not developing a 1,000 kW solar generating project would be a prudent investment.  If executed the project will not be net metered, and will have no effect on net metering.  This is because Vermont utilities are excluded from participating in net metering under state law.          

HED sincerely appreciates the recent voter support for procuring a new hot line truck.  This will replace a truck that has gone well beyond the end of its expected life.  The new truck will have a higher reach, and heavier loading capabilities…both of which will help us provide better service to our customers.

Fall is always the busiest time of year for HED because we – along with everyone else – are trying to finish projects, or at least get them buttoned up before winter sets in.  Crews have been working on many new customer jobs such as the Mirror Theatre in Greensboro, as well as our own projects such as the Wolcott Substation improvements/upgrades.   In addition, we will soon be starting an upgrade on the Greensboro circuit.  Although we have made modifications and improvements to the circuit in the last couple of years, it is clearly prudent to make this investment.  In addition to providing better service to the entire Greensboro area, it will reduce the cost of system losses on the circuit by over $12,000 per year!  As always our office staff are working to balance the execution of all our administrative processes, plus serve our customer needs/requests during this busy time of year. 

As we now head into mid November, HED would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all your loved ones a happy and joyous holiday season!  


Very Truly Yours,

Mike Sullivan

General Manager